What exactly are germs?

Germs are very small living micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi or viruses that under normal conditions we can’t see. While many bacteria are helpful, and you might say an essential part of healthy living – helping us digest our food or break down waste in our environment or yeast that makes bread, wine or beer – some of them can also make our bodies sick.

How do germs make us sick?

Germs can make us ill by entering and spreading through the body. Once germs invade our bodies, they snuggle in for a long stay. They gobble up nutrients and energy and can produce toxins, which can cause symptoms of common infections, like fevers, sniffles, rashes, coughing, vomiting, and diarrhea. We can also feel ill due to our body’s immune response to infection. Viruses will infect our own cells and ‘hijack’ our cells to make further copies of themselves. Our cells then become occupied with making new virus, and so cannot perform their own function, which makes us feel ill.

So, an important part of healthy living is protecting ourselves against germs. The technology in all our hygiene products, provides you with that first line of defense and will keep working for 24 hours on hard surfaces and 8 hours on your hands, ensuring that you have maximum protection against germs.

Where are germs - what are the "hot spots"?

Disease-causing germs can be almost anywhere. What’s the germiest spot in your house? There are lots of studies that have assessed and counted the type and amount of germs present on a range of household surfaces. In a study by NSF International where Scientists swabbed 30 surfaces in homes to gauge levels of germs, they found the most germy surfaces to be dishcloths, the kitchen sink area, toothbrush holders, pet bowls, faucet handles, pet toys, kitchen counters, stove knobs and cutting boards. Other studies have highlighted door handles, sinks, remote control devices, computer keyboards, mobile phones, and refrigerator handles.

What these surfaces have in common is we frequently touch them throughout the day. Our range of hygiene products has been specifically formulated with this in mind to provide peace-of-mind, round-the-clock protection from harmful germs… hour after hour after hour… touch after touch after touch.

dishcloths - soak these in our Little Animals Steri-Fluid solution

the kitchen sink area - use our various branded Surface Sanitisers

toothbrush holders - clean these with our various Surface Sanitisers

pet bowls - clean with our Pet Patrol Surface Sanitiser

faucet handles - simply spray our Surface Sanitiser for a 24 hour protection against germs

pet toys - soak them in a solution of our Little Animals Steri-Fluid 

kitchen counters - spray these surfaces with our Surface Sanitiser

stove knobs - clean with our SUrface Sanitiser

cutting boards - leave them in a solution of Little Animals Steri-Fluid to soak

How do I protect my family from the threat of germs?

Using a disinfectant cleaner is generally better than a simple cleaner since it will not only remove germs but kill them as well, preventing their transfer and recontamination of other surfaces. But beware that germs can grow back very quickly and only our technology in our range of hygiene products will give you "round-the-clock protection" from bacteria.

Use our range of hygiene products as an integral part of your cleaning regime, cleaning up after spills, and sanitizing germy hotspots once every 24 hours, or at a frequency that fits best with your needs and lifestyle.