Company Profile

Pharma Marketing International (PMI) was formed in 2002 when the opportunity for a specialized, dynamic, marketing orientated company was identified. The company primarily focuses the manufacturing and distribution of various Pet Care and Human Healthcare products both in the local South African and Sub-Sahara Africa markets.

PMI is a leading solutions provider in renewable-based specialty products with global contacts and operations spanning Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Australia. We are dedicated to providing consumers with best-in-class products derived from natural and or/safe sources and we are guided by an inventive spirit that goes beyond providing high performance solutions to assist our consumers to cope with the challenges of products that are going greener by the day. Backed by cutting-edge research, technology, and development and in-depth understanding of markets and customer needs, we expand the boundaries of science and advance sustainable solutions into a wide-ranging portfolio that includes our very exciting Mozzipel active that is natural and safe and the Byotrol hygiene technology.

PMI has formed and developed an excellent South African operation in addition to its very strong and well run export department.

PMI now enjoys listings in all major Pharmacy Channels, Baby Shops as well as Retail Channels, Pet/Vet Shops and online websites and is set to become a leading Health & Beauty, Homecare, Pet Care and Insect Repellent distributor within the next 5 years.

Our team, based in Pretoria, are constantly working on new ranges and brands to give the most innovative and design-led products in the pet market in Southern Africa.

PMI are now also the personal hygiene product experts. The team has developed a range of hygiene products that perform like no other hygiene products out there. The major difference is that our products are Powerful, killing 99.9% of germs, Gentle because they do not contain harmful ingredients like alcohol and bleach and they are Long Lasting because they continue to work for up to 8 hours on your hands and 24 hours on hard surfaces. Traditional cleaning products stop working THE MINUTE THEY DRY!

PMI has also advanced the unique properties of natural chemistry by launching MOZZIPEL mosquito repellent. MOZZIPEL is powered by our patented active, a mixture of the three natural, volatile fatty acids that are found on the skin and proven to be lacking in some individuals, causing mosquito and other insect bites. Join the SAFE "stop the bite" revolution!