Pharma Marketing International (Pty) LTD entered the alternative and complementary health market in South Africa in January 2002.

Its purpose is “To focus on providing a mix of value-added and quality products to consumers in the sectors in which we operate in". 

The company will continue to focus on developing high quality complementary products that target specific consumer needs by advancing the unique properties of natural chemistry.

Pharma Marketing International proudly markets 8 brands covering over 84 products.


 NEXT GENERATION Pet Environment and Grooming Products 



 NEXT GENERATION Antimicrobial Sanitisers that provide powerful germ protection that outlasts leading disinfectants and at the same time is gentle on the surfaces themselves 


NEXT GENERATION Antimicrobial products for baby, toddler and kid's  environment & Hands


 NEXT GENERATION Antimicrobial Personal Care products 



 NEXT GENERATION Antimicrobial Home Care products   


 NEXT GENERATION Antimicrobial Commercial B2B products  



NEXT GENERATION Antimicrobial Medical products   




Mozzipel is a long lasting, plant based natural mosquito and insect repellent. 

It is a DEET free alternative to synthetic insect repellents and scientifically proven to be as effective.