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The use of Byotrol against Swine Flu.


The current public concern both nationally and internationally regarding swine flu has led many of our customers to ask if Byotrol is effective against this virus.

The most important point to be made is that the disease once within the human body can only be treated and should only be treated by skilled medical professionals using the appropriate drugs and therapies.

Byotrol products do not cure disease and are not medicines, however expert opinion is united that prevention of infection is by far the most effective safeguard against this and other diseases and here Byotrol’s powerful residual activity can be and should be effectively employed.

Whilst this new strain of virus has not been specifically tested against by Byotrol’s laboratories or agencies, numerous trials in the laboratory and in other field trials have shown that Byotrol is an effective defence when used on hard surfaces and on skin and as part of a complete infection prevention regime.

The use of Byotrol as a skin mousse, as a hard surface wipe and to treat even quite fragile materials such as textiles is a practical and effective step at reducing contagious microbes, including viruses and its residual action gives users the reassurance of vigilance even after cleaning processes have finished.