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The Hygiene Revolution


It's not everyday that you discover a technology that could change the life of every person on the planet. But that's exactly what happened to the Byotrol team, inventors of the world's most revolutionary hygiene technology.


Discovered in 2000 the technology has undergone a decade of extensive testing in their own laboratories, external test centers and by major global regulators. It is available for use in the high-need hygiene environments of healthcare, food production, and the home.  Byotrol keeps on working for hours, even days.

Results in these environments have been very succesful:

At Manchester University, the structure of Byotrol has been examined using Atomic Force Microscopy and is now well understood. This work has shown significant hygiene superiority against competitive technologies.

At Monroe hospital in the USA, the use of Byotrol as part of the hospital's disease control program has meant that since 2006 there have been no hospital-acquired infections from the so-called super bugs, MRSA and VRE.

An 11-month study at the Manchester Royal Infirmary in the UK, showed that Byotrol was over 30 percent more effective than bleach based cleaners in reducing environmental MRSA on the wards.

Byotrol only uses components which are acceptable within the global regulatory framework:

  • Byotrol's Polysphere disinfectant is registered with the EPA.
  • Byotrol's Stay Clean Hand Sanitizer is compliant with the FDA rules for hand sanitizers.
  • The first products using Byotrol are now on sale in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa.

Byotrol formulations have been tested against the most stringent test methodologies including the European Standards EN 1276 for bacteria, EN 13697 surface testing, EN 1650 against fungi and EN 14476 aganst viruses as well as many other tests.