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Hand Foam Sanitier's Raise the bar  for Alcohol-Free Hand Rubs in Health Care.


It is common knowledge that hand hygiene is fundamental in preventing the spread of healthcare associated infection (HAI). It is also increasingly recognised that many hand rubs and sanitisers can dry the skin when used regularly. Byotrol’s Alcohol Free Hand Foam Sanitiser is different. It has been specifically formulated to be kind to skin, without compromising at all on the high-level of efficacy and performance required within healthcare settings. Recent studies show that people demonstrate better hand hygiene protocols if a product feels good on their skin. In a market dominated by alcohol hand rubs, a high quality alcohol-free product has been hard to find. That is until the launch of Little Animals and the Byotrol 8H Hand Foam Sanitiser from Pharma Marketing International.

These Hand Foam Sanitisers are a luxurious, alcohol-free, foaming hand sanitiser developed by the scientists at Byotrol. It is as effective at killing germs as the hand rubs currently available on the market, while being clinically proven to not dry hands after repeated use.

It takes approximately 30 seconds to dry once applied, giving staff ample time to perform the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended Ayliffe hand rub technique, so ensuring hand hygiene compliance. This compares to many alcohol-based products when skin can become dry and aggravated and where users may then be less likely to adhere to the full hand hygiene protocols expected.

Stringent laboratory testing

Both the Little Animals and the 8H Byotrol Hand Foam Sanitiser's have undergone stringent laboratory testing, including a rigorous 96-hour patch test designed to assess irritation to skin. A Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) test, which examines levels of skin dehydration, was also undertaken and results proved that the product maintains and supports the natural pH balance of the skin.

The patented product meets key EN European Standards for a hand rub, specifically EN 1500, EN 13624, EN 1650, EN 13727, EN 1276 and EN 14476 against influenza A (H1N1 Swine Flu) and Rotavirus. Both Hand Foam Sanitiser's are formulated to kill 99.99 per cent of common germs and viruses including MRSA and E. coli. It is effective against bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella typhimurium and Streptococcus pyogenes and yeast Candida albicans.

Alcohol-free and non-flammable

Both the Hand Foam Sanitiser's are alcohol-free and non-flammable reducing risk for use around vulnerable and dependent patients and visitors. The product is colour free, fragrance free and is compatible with all the major brands of glove used in healthcare settings. While it is not just healthcare workers who need to practise good hand hygiene, visitors and patients also have an essential part to play in preventing the spread of infection.  As patient safety is paramount, hand rub that is situated within reach of vulnerable patients and children (who are not under continuous supervision), offers a potential risk of product misuse.