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Our Employees

Our people are key to the success of our business.

We respect and value the individuality and diversity that every employee brings to the business.

We seek to create a positive and open working environment wherever we operate.

We are committed to basing relations with our employees on respect for the dignity of the individual and fair treatment for all.

  • We aim to recruit and promote employees on the basis of their suitability for the job, without discrimination.
  • We aim to foster effective communication to enable all our employees to perform their work effectively. This will include encouraging and helping employees to develop relevant skills to progress their careers.  
  • We place the highest priority on the health and safety of our employees and the safety of the environment in which they work.  
  • We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or sexual, physical, mental or other harassment of any kind toward our employees, whether from our own staff or others.
  • We operate fair and just remuneration policies.  
  • We require any employee with a potential conflict of interest to disclose it to their line manager.
  • We operate in an environment of trust and as such we do not tolerate any fraudulent or dishonest behaviour by our employees either within the Group or in dealing with other stakeholders


Pharma Marketing International offers a wide range of opportunities to those who wish to make a career in the fast moving consumer goods industry.

Positions are offered in Marketing, Sales, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources, Finance and Information Technology.

Why work at Pharma Marketing International?

Some graduates are driven by the head. Others by the heart - by a passion to make an impact on the world and shape a business. At Pharma Marketing International, you’ll have the chance to grow in both these senses – to develop professionally and personally, intellectually and emotionally.

Irrespective of whether you join us in our Marketing, Customer and Sales, Finance, Human Resources or any other department or function, you’ll get to the heart of one of our key business areas. Either way you’ll begin to understand the core workings of the leading Human Hygiene and Pet Care company. And as we’re a diverse business with a global mindset, you’ll see how we benefit from different cultures and new local perspectives.

The Challenge

Excelling at Pharma Marketing International means sharing our passion for enhancing the lives of humans and pets. It means taking ownership of your future and remaining open to the unique learning opportunities that will come your way. We encourage our people to view their career at our company as a journey. There are ongoing opportunities here to step up, broaden your exposure or deepen your skills. Flexibility and the ability to take the long view are essential. But, rest assured, with our leading technologies and brands and a passion for improvement, nothing stands still for long in Pharma Marketing International – least of all talented young professionals!